We sell booze not women.

We sell booze not women.

They think they are entitled to us women because they sit on heavily padded wallets. Boundaries do not exist when millions are at their frivolous disposal. They think they can wrap arms around waists and steal kisses on the corner of your mouth that you are not expecting. They grab your hand just after you set down their fourth Macallan 30, and they like to look at your face and tell you they…

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Living is an Art

Living is an Art

This random dude asked what I did. I told him that I’m an artist. He asked what kid of art I created… like legit follow up question I suppose? But i really don’t really have an artistic medium or anything tangible to show for myself. So I told him “You know… Sometimes just living is an art” and …well…he wasn’t very impressed with me but why should I strive to dazzle this stranger with ill-…

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